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Get Winning Private Tips From Vip Tipsters!

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Choose your plan

1 Normal Tip

€89 €189

1 VIP Tip

€289 €689


High Win Rate

The win rate for our normal tips is over 78% for the year and our VIP tips have a win rate of over 85%. Check out our accurate tips history to see what is possible when you start using our tips.

There's never been a faster, easier way to win more soccer bets than by using our expert tips. Just get your tip via email, place your bet and count your winnings!


On Time Delivery

Our tips are consistently delivered on time so that you are able to place your bet and take advantage of the best early odds.

Unlike other sites that may deliver tips right before a match, with our tips you will have plenty of time to contact your bookie. You'll never feel rushed or stressed.


Instant Access

Choose your membership plan and submit payment and we will immediately send your tip to you.

With Vip Tipsters there is no waiting period to receive your tips we start sending them right away.

COntact us

We want to hear from you! Please use the form below to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Once your message is submitted, we will respond within 24 hours. Remember, your thoughts and opinions are important to us and we look forward to helping you. Our support team is available 24/7 via the form below.

Our Location

The map below shows the location of our offices. We welcome visitors. If you are ever in the area, please stop by!


19 Farnell Street, GOOBANG NSW 2870, Australia

Monthly Statistics

Dec 18 76.47% 26 0 8
Nov 18 68.57% 24 2 11
Oct 18 73.53% 25 3 9
Sep 18 80.56% 29 0 7
Aug 18 72.22% 26 2 10
Jul 18 77.14% 27 1 8
Jun 18 82.86% 29 1 6
May 18 69.44% 25 1 11
Apr 18 77.42% 24 3 7
Mar 18 71.88% 23 2 9
Feb 18 72.97% 27 0 10
Jan 18 75.76% 25 1 8
Dec 17 82.35% 28 1 6
Nov 17 81.58% 31 2 7
Oct 17 73.53% 25 3 9
Sep 17 68.75% 22 1 10
Aug 17 77.78% 21 2 6
Jul 17 78.79% 26 0 7
Jun 17 74.19% 23 4 8

Member Reviews

Tunar Valiyev


I was stuck in a cycle of win some, lose some. I could never get ahead with my betting until I joined Vip Tipsters. Your private tips are the best.

Dimiter Claes


I use private tips from Vip Tipsters every day to win bets. I really love this tips site.

Nela Bansic

Republic of Macedonia

I was doubtful when I first tried Vip Tipsters but I shouldn't have been. These tips are highly accurate. Plus, they always offer great odds, too.

Joey Olsen


Never in a million years did I imagine winning so much. I owe it all to Vip Tipsters and their private tips. Great job guys!

Joris Joensen


I've won my last five bets in a row thanks to the private tips offered by Vip Tipsters. I can't wait to win my next five!